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Pre-Order Meal Packages

Ready to eat or heat & serve. Serves 4-5. Please allow up to 48 hours notice. Call our cafe to place an order.

4 hour braised beef short ribs88.00
With roasted potatoes and vegetables
Butter chicken curry78.00
With basmati rice, naan
Mac+Cheese+Tandoori Chicken88.00
Assorted Sandwiches58.00
Roast beef, smoked salmon, turkey, or falafel. Served with coleslaw.
Caesar Salad42.00
Greek Salad48.00
Seasonal Segmented Fruits and Berries40.00
Pear Cheesecake (pp)6.50
Rice Pudding (pp)6.50
Krause Berry Farms Pie (pp)6.50
Choice of apple, strawberry, rhubarb, or peach